The golden question. How much is it? Everyone loves a deal and it’s not a deal until you tell someone. We get numerous inquiries daily concerning pricing. Often customers aren’t even sure what the product is they’re asking the price of. Other times we can hear the box store overhead pages and competitors background sounds over the course of the call.

Our policy regarding pricing is simple. It’s available in-store only. Why? Many customers have expressed to us their extreme displeasure at having to visit the store to obtain the price. Others have simply chosen to pay more elsewhere.

The reasons for our pricing policy are numerous.

  1. Many of our suppliers, certainly not the majority, have very strict policies concerning minimum advertised pricing (MAP). Some of them don’t even permit us to talk about the policy itself. We are in no position to jeopardize our strong supplier relationships over something so silly. We’re proud of the brands we’re aligned with and respect that relationship fully.
2. Often times consumers are torn between the store they have a long-standing relationship or maybe one in which they have credit facility or both. Our competition takes a great deal of flak concerning our pricing versus theirs for the same or better product. Many of our competitors have price match guarantees but you need to plead or prove your case. Many others have sufficient loopholes in their price match policies that the policy itself is nothing more than an illusion or slogan.

Moulding & Millwork WILL NOT facilitate any consumer or competitor engaging in price-fixing or matching. We work hard to provide for our families and will not tolerate anyone, especially an off-island, franchise or American box store, to rob of us of our livelihood. If you elect to shop with one of our competitors, accept that you’ll pay more. Know that you’ll pay dearly from our competitors for the privilege of an in-house account at 28% interest and or the ability to obtain pricing over the phone.

We don’t claim to be the right fit for everyone. If pricing over the phone is critical to the success and outcome of your project and money is no object, by all means choose the competition. If you want award-winning products, expert knowledge, and honest pricing, take 15 minutes and stop into our showroom. It’s your money. Do your due diligence!

3. While we appreciate all our customers we appreciate those that have taken the time to come to our showroom and warehouse the most. While we are certainly willing to assist potential customers calling on the phone or those with whom we have projects in progress, we must dedicate most of our attention to the person standing in front of us. Phone calls are a distraction and perhaps as obsolete as the home phone.