Moulding services from Moulding & Millwork

In 1982, our company was founded as the only local distributor of interior architectural moulding on Cape Breton Island. At that time selling exclusively to lumber yards and building supplier dealers. We remember when virola (aka. mahogany) were mainly used in our homes to trim doorways and windows.

Those days are long gone and homeowners now have greater choices than ever before. Whether your tastes are modern, traditional, or contemporary, we have the right moulding for your renovation or new home.

With over 1 million linear feet of moulding in stock in our warehouse on Keltic Drive, we’re able to fill the largest order at a moment’s notice. Our pricing strategy on moulding is simple, we’re always less. Purchasing the volume we do allows us to pass along huge savings to customers looking for something stylish and robust without paying the big box or lumber yard price.