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When it comes to your floors, you deserve a material that meets all your needs and looks great when combined with your decor. Carpet flooring offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is luxuriously soft underfoot while creating a very homey environment with a wide selection of appearance options. Nearly every room can be enhanced with this particular floor covering and the lifespan offers you plenty of years to enjoy all the benefits.

Moulding & Millwork has more than 35 years of experience in the industry as a family owned and operated business. With a plentiful selection of materials available, we can offer competitive prices that make it easier for you to find the floor covering that best suits your unique styles and preferences.

Visit our showroom in Sydney River, NS to find out more about the flooring experience you’ll receive from us. We proudly serve the areas of Sydney River, and surrounding areas, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you as well.

The difference carpet can make

Whether you prefer a wall-to-wall appearance option in your flooring, or you prefer something different for every space, you’ll find exactly what you need in carpet. With an extensive variety of solid colors, patterns, and designs, you’re sure to find a match for your decor, no matter how simple or eclectic. If you’re building a brand new home, you can even choose to build your decor around your chosen flooring style.
Luxury carpet in Sydney River, NS from Moulding & Millwork
Choosing the perfect fiber for your carpet is a very important part of the personalization process. Each of the different fibers has its own set of characteristics and one will be more suited to your needs than all the others will. For instance, some fibers are better suited to hold bright, vibrant colors, while others are more durable and tolerant of heavy foot traffic.

For excellent stain protection, some manufacturers have created fibers with stain resistance added into the very fibers themselves. This protection not only assures that stains and spills will never soak into the flooring, but that it will also be easier to clean. What’s more, this protection never wears away and you’ll never have to reapply harsh chemicals.

Other benefits you’ll greatly enjoy in carpet include excellent heat retention, noise reduction, and hypoallergenic fibers from some major brands. Be sure to discuss professional installation needs with your flooring professional as well.

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